Executive budget

Members of New York City’s Council are calling for an extra $1.3 billion in spending to be added to next year’s budget.
The announcement comes after calls from advocates and lawmakers to invest in homeless services — and in the midst of a controversial program to kick unsheltered New Yorkers out of their street encampments and destroy their belongings in hopes of driving them to shelters.
Aides who care for elderly and disabled New Yorkers in their homes are paid for 13 hours of each 24-hour shift — a policy that was upheld under Cuomo
For the first time in his administration, de Blasio announced a $750 million savings program known as a PEG.
"I will say that I'm a little more hopeful today than I was a few months ago," the mayor said.
His finalized budget calls for hiring 1,300, 300 more than were requested.
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