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The man suspected of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend execution-style in the parking lot of a Bronx motel last weekend committed suicide in Florida yesterday as police closed in on his apartment.

According to the Post, Bennett had obtained a restraining order against Kernizan. "He was always acting suspicious," said next door neighbor Carolina Manzano.

"I looked out my window and saw a lady standing there," said one witness. "She was begging him not to shoot her, but then he shot her twice and she went down."

Two Queens teens were arrested after they were caught on surveillance camera fatally shooting another teen execution-style on Friday night.

“Two of the guys walk up to the car and popped him again while he’s in the car. After they popped him you heard his head hit the horn," a witness said.

Investigators have not named any suspects in the execution-style murder of a Queens couple in their home early Friday morning, but police sources seem skeptical about their son's account of the slaying.

Police are trying to unravel the details behind the execution-style murder of a Queens couple, starting with their son: "He's shot and he doesn't know if the gunman was black or white, tall or short?"

Police are now investigating whether Sugrin and Rosie Jaggarnauth's 23-year-old son Shane, who survived being shot in the shoulder in the Springfield Gardens home, had anything to do with the incident.

"Everybody here knows the family. It doesn't make sense, it puzzles me, I don't know what's going on. They just came through and murdered the whole family," said a distraught family friend.

Images of the suspect Police are reviewing surveillance video of the