Excessive force

James announced legislation on Friday aimed at establishing more stringent use-of-force guidelines for all law enforcement officers across the state.
"“I don’t think in 50 years we had the level of protest we’ve seen in New York City. We certainly have not seen the level of police violence directed at protesters."
Office James Frascatore maintained that he handled the botched arrest correctly, citing safety concerns as a justification for the tackle and for not immediately identifying himself as a cop.
Last week, records for the cop who killed Eric Garner were leaked.
"This critical moment demands immediate, real change, not incremental steps," said NYCLU Advocacy Director Johanna Miller.
She's accusing the NYPD of race-based discrimination, excessive force, and unlawful arrest.
"He had 30 cuts on his body from the saw, had been tasered multiple times, and was handcuffed. A person in that situation will have high heart rate."
And it's still not the strongest spray on the market.
But it would still be up to the NYPD how to discipline and retrain "overly-aggressive police officers."
"No longer is the lion's share of cases 'he said/she said.'"
This video was shot moments after the suspect, 20-year-old Donovan Lawson, attempted to fare-beat at the Myrtle Avenue-Broadway JMZ station yesterday just before 8 p.m.
His son said the elderly man 'isn't a criminal, he is the victim here.'
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