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The ex-detective also pulled out a gun to threaten the victim and a good Samaritan helping her.

The retired NYPD transit officer went missing last Thursday, the same day his wife's body was discovered in her bed.

The former cop who allegedly confessed to killing his wife had several federal tax liens.

The 30th Precinct in Harlem On Friday, a retired NYPD officer

Eddy Coello and Tina Adovasio Prosecutors believe they have caught ex-cop

Eddy Coello and Tina Adovasio A former NYPD housing officer was

NYPD photo of Bowens (left photo); Catherine Donofrio (on left) and

A retired NYPD lieutenant is suing Bumble Tuna and Costco after

Former NYPD Sergeant John Galtieri may spend the rest of his