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The two men have previous convictions for welfare fraud, theft, forgery and more.

One-legged ex-con millionaire Thomas Hartmann was already found guilty of assaulting former stripper and current masseuse Sophia Kandelaki—but now she's suing him for $10 million.

The DA is throwing the book at the one-legged ex-con millionaire who was convicted of assaulting a Russian stripper in January.

An ex-con millionaire who lost a leg during a dust-up with cops has been convicted of assaulting a Russian stripper.

A man who has been in state prison twice for at least three counts of robbery really wants to work at Red much so, he's suing them to hire him.

An 8-months-pregnant teacher's aide was shot while sitting inside her car

NY1 provided subtitles The ex-convict who was arrested for shooting his

Last night, a NY State parole officer was shot by an

Abu-Shahid Today Imam Zulqarnain Abdu-Shahid, the Correction Department chaplain and ex-con

At a press conference on Sunday the president of the NY