New Jersey’s eviction ban for low-income renters expires at the end of the month.
The new law protects tenants who couldn’t pay rent due to the pandemic as long as they certify they applied for rental assistance.
Chief Justice Stuart Rabner says changes are coming to eviction trials in September.
More than 58,000 eviction filings have been made during the pandemic and the courts expect almost 200,000 cases in 2022.
The building is partially owned by Alex Rodriguez and Barbara Corcoran.
“It wakes you up in the middle of the night."
“How much more do I need to go through to qualify?” said one woman's who was rejected twice for aid. “Do I have to be starving and living under a bridge to qualify? It makes no sense to me.”
"You're the villain from a Dickens novel," one protester shouted.
Ballinger said he laughed when he learned the identity of his true landlord... "Because my tiny little apartment inside a three-story apartment building in the middle of Bed-Stuy has a distant connection to Trump."
The dispute stems from an upstairs neighbor who has complained about hearing noise from the cinema.
Tenants in neighborhoods with high concentrations of rent-stabilized buildings are in particular danger, especially in Brooklyn.
The coffee shop Pudge Knuckles closed in mid-June 2016, when a fire in its century-old Williamsburg building set off sprinklers that flooded the place.
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