"Venues are being reopened now indoors when numbers are still more than four times higher than in the summer."
Finally, you can see The Net on the big screen again (plus other things to do this week)!
What's going on this week? Bears, Bukowski, and a (re)fashion show brought to you by the DSNY.
A talk on gentrification, the Black Comic Book Festival, bourbon & BBQ in Brooklyn, and more events happening this week.
Two Bowie tribute nights, Vimeo awards, Under The Radar Festival, a Caroll Spinney tribute and lots of jazz shows.
Need New Year's Eve plans? We got you covered.
Christmas Pageant, Yemeni holiday music, Klezmer for kids, Kwanzaa celebrations, and more things to do this week.
Or just stay at home because December is exhausting!
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