Did someone forget their luggage?
At least one person was injured and Liberty Island was evacuated this morning after a propane tank fire broke out.
"It's probably not a very good fashion statement," NYPD's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism remarked.
Port Authority Police responded to reports of a suspicious white powder.
"We'll take the repercussions of being called NIMBYs," one neighbor said.
Trump Tower was evacuated after someone mistook a bag of abandoned toys for a suspicious package.
"There were quite a few young children and babies, elderly, disabled and homeless folks onboard."
The Met's performance of 'Guillaume Tell' was canceled during the second intermission after reports of a suspicious substance.
New York City battened down the hatches, waiting for a storm of Biblical proportions that, luckily, never came.
"I believe very much in going back and studying what happened and seeing what we can learn from it, and that's what should be done with JFK."
People were directed to evacuate the terminals with their hands in the air.
A preliminary investigation does not indicate shots were fired. The investigation is ongoing.
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