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Australia and Iran are "experiencing rapid virus spread" despite their warm temperatures.

Shhh—it's laidback and unpretentious... it's perfect!

A decade after joining the EU, Slovenia is still one of the continent's best-kept travel secrets.

Hollande has promised to balance the budget in the next five years, and is willing to cut his own salary by 30% and raise taxes on the rich to 75%.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell over 500 points today.

Consider this for your birthday or holiday shopping list: A doll that simulates breastfeeding for the little girl (or boy!) in your life.

The mystery surrounding the source of the deadly E. coli bacteria in Europe deepens, as test results seem to clear bean sprouts from wrongdoing, leaving scientists flustered.

A deadly E. coli outbreak across Europe was originally linked to Spanish cucumbers, but now appears to be the result of tainted German beansprouts.

More fatalities are being reported today out of Europe, where E. coli from contaminated cucumbers is causing mass illness. Are we in danger?