Eugene mirman

Eugene Mirman looks back on ten years of a festival that began as a joke, tries to figure out the future of comedy platforms and gives some moral guidance to a confused world.
If you kept saying you'd go next year, you won't be able to do that this year.
Here's video and photos of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Mr. Mirman, Jason Sudeikis, and others talkin' science at The Bell House over the weekend.
We spoke with comedian Eugene Mirman about Park Slope, babies and who he wants as the next mayor.
We spoke to Mirman about his "uniform," sending self-promotional faxes, and why teenage sex is so funny.
More than just a bunch of de facto cover tunes, the concert was an opportunity for a reinterpretation of enduringly influential music by contemporary ears.
laurenzallo's Flickr We've made no secret of our adoration for the
Brooklyn comic Eugene Mirman is spending the week in Copenhagen, covering the
Today, in the wake of the CB6 meeting that took place last
The bio on Eugene Mirman's website poses the question "Who or what
The Comedians of Comedy are performing at Irving Plaze on October 27th
Like the Blues Brothers, God's Pottery are on a mission from God.
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