Ethics reform

Missing from Albany: any talk of overhauling New York’s notorious lax ethics and transparency laws.
'People are underestimating the extent to which conflicts of interest may be fueling policy decisions. They don't realize how dangerous that really is.'
Ethics reforms, environmental rights, and even marijuana legalization could come out of a convention, but worker advocates say labor protections could be undone.
The announcement comes a day after his appointees infuriated most of the legislature by denying lawmakers pay raises.
This, in a year when two top lawmakers were convicted of corruption.
"There's no better way" to stop corruption, except all the other, more pressing ways.
Remember how Cuomo disbanded his ethics reform panel because it was a success?
One appointee gave Cuomo $50,000, while her husband, who was recently nominated to lead the Thruway Authority, gave another $50K.
Buried beyond the income disclosure hype is a curious new ethics board whose members can dismiss ethics charges with a mere two votes.
After Gov. Paterson announced his plan to implement far-reaching ethics reforms
Governor Paterson proposed a reform of the state's ethics commission. While
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