Don't freak out if you see police on the Manhattan tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, okay?
Mohamed Bah's mother called 911 for an ambulance, but police arrived instead and fatally shot Bah.
The lawyer for one man who was maced and zipped head-to-toe in one such bag called the NYPD's actions 'excessive and totally unreasonable.'
Police reportedly negotiated with the man for two hours before tackling him.
Witnesses said the man claimed to be doing renovation work on Il Fornaio, and refused multiple requests to leave.
Deputy Chief Molloy, 51, joined the NYPD in 1982, has worked in over a dozen precincts and headed up the ESU for four years.
A brave Emergency Services Unit officer is lucky to be alive after an attempt to subdue an emotionally disturbed person left him knocked out cold on the subway tracks at Times Square.
Just after 4 p.m. this gem came across the newswire: an
Yesterday, there was a report of a water rescue at 11th
Cats do the darndest things—like hang out in SUV engines and
Hundreds of officers from the NYPD and elsewhere came out to pay
The wake for NYPD Lieutenant Michael Pigott, who killed himself on Thursday,
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