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Here's what you need to know about the new ICP, and the first four exhibitions you'll see there.

“It sucks, it all sucks. This whole thing sucks,” Leah Strock, who said she lives on the 13th floor of a building at Grand and Clinton, said. “The horns are honking all night long."

'We all are trying to share the road, trying to get wherever we have to get to safely, but how can we if it’s never really safe?'

The Essex Crossing complex expands with 25 new vendors, including NYC classics Veselka, Nom Wah, and Schaller & Weber.

As part of a long-planned move, the city will move the market's current 21 vendors across the street to a glassy newly-built ground floor space at Essex Crossing, the 1.65 million-square-foot megaproject.

Beatriz Guzmán found a 41-year-old letter saying she could return to the site of her family's bulldozed Lower East Side home. That was only the start of her battle.

Compared to the L train issues, the DOT's problems seemed manageable. And at least these agencies sent representatives to speak: No one from the NYPD bothered to show up.

Half of the units in two of the buildings in the rendering of the Lower East Side mega-project will be set aside for affordable housing.