Customers will notice an increase of 10 to 20 cents on some brewed coffee sizes and an additional 10 to 30 cents on espresso and tea latte drinks.
You might know latte and cappuccino, but what about cortado, ristretto and that "flat white" thing everyone's going on about?
If there's one thing that every well-heeled gentleman should know, it's how to carry a teeny cup of espresso while rolling the wrong way up a Manhattan street on your Dutch bicycle.
This once $7 latte, like most new New Yorkers, has learned that monthly MetroCards cost more than hopes and dreams.
Have you got a hankering for the most expensive latte in NYC? Don't worry, because a new coffee bar in Greenpoint has you covered.
You can take the caffeine out of Four Loko, but you
Today the Times has a list of the top 30 places
A big crowd packed Joe on East 13th Street last night for
Photo courtesy Baristahands. Serendipitously coinciding with Obama’s big primary win, tonight’s Latte
Whether it was a PR stunt or a legit "teach-in" on espresso,
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