The transphobic meme was the last straw for the Worldwide Leader in Sports.
Stuart Scott, a longtime and much loved ESPN anchor who has been battling cancer for years, has died today. He was 49.
He'll probably sue Twitter next.
He wants $10 million.
Eminem gave a bizarre and stilted on camera interview during a college football game on ESPN yesterday. Was he high, or was he just 'avin a laff?
The NFL generates a lot of revenue for ESPN's parent company Disney.
Olbermann is reportedly in negotiations with ESPN to return to the station where he first gained fame with a new late night talk show.
Apparently the clinic's owner is making a deal with the MLB.
Neeson appeared on Sportscenter yesterday, but didn't have much to say about the Jets. He even tried to start the interview over...before realizing he was already on air: "Are we live? Oh shit."
ESPN is taking over the 98.7 call letters, meaning KISS 98.7 is merging with rival WBLS. End of an era!
Olbermann and Gore would sometimes correspond directly when the anchor felt he needed to cut the middlemen to get his point across, but Gore's emails were "polite but vague."
Anthony Federico told Newsday that a member of Lin's family reached out to him.
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