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The Rikers Island inmate who tried and failed to escape Thursday tried to escape again on Sunday.

"Mangrove snakes, though mildly venomous, are not known to be dangerous to people. They are shy, timid, [and] secretive in nature."

Joaquín Guzmán's lawyers asked for exercise time and commissary access, and prosecutors aren't keen.

Investigators have handed out nine summonses and 21 violation orders at 22 escape rooms across the city. They've also fully or partially closed seven venues.

Looks like he was late to work? Or running for his life from a slaughterhouse. Hump Day, amirite?

His disappearance was noticed when the headcount was off by one.

Daniel Ortiz, who escaped police custody after being brought to a Manhattan hospital following an arrest, was caught today and allegedly told police he couldn't remember escaping.

An 18-year-old arrested for DWI allegedly managed to get control of an idling NYPD Squad car on New Year's Day and make it all the way to Yonkers.

Police said he escaped a Greenwich Village hospital while being treated for an injury.