On Monday morning, a malfunctioning escalator at 5th Avenue and 53rd Street ground to a halt, sending some commuters tripping over one another as the machine's steel steps shredded and buckled.
A stationary escalator apparently suddenly started to move.
Happy Wednesday, PATH commuters!
Once you decide to get on that escalator, you are no longer in charge of what happens. You lose control. The person in front of you has the power.
A woman got her hair stuck in a subway escalator yesterday afternoon after fainting.
What happened to your shirt?
"The word pray comes to mind, because there’s really not much you can do," one escalator expert says.
This video of today's freak escalator malfunction at Exchange Place seems to be a metaphor for Monday mornings everywhere.
If you've ever wondered how "they" get escalators up to the tops of skyscrapers, well, you've got a very wide-ranging curiosity, don't you?
Apparently a small stage help break his fall, preventing the man from hitting the concrete sidewalk.
A draft report found by the Daily News uncovers just how messed up the MTA's elevators and escalators are...and just how bad it is at fixing them.
Penn Station escalators have been used in Moblers As if Penn
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