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Of course, Williams is only secure in his position until an actual primary for Public Advocate in June.

Council Member Jumaane Williams sat during the recitation of a City Council meeting this week, in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

Apparently there was still a question of whether speeding is an unchecked problem that kills scores of New Yorkers every year (it is).

With Weiner withdrawn, focus is quickly turning to his possibly lame-duck congressional seat in the ninth district.

A young Queens Councilman has nightmares about bike lanes, and tells a cycling advocate to get a life.

In his war against pedestrian plazas, young Republican Council member Eric Ulrich compares the streets of Queens to Baghdad.

As you probably know, the NYPD is handing out hefty $270

Could it happen here? (Andrew T's Flickr) Transportation Alternatives is rallying

Councilman Eric Ulrich Unlike the backtracking New Jersey Assemblywoman who withdrew