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On Thursday, prosecutors in Long Island announced that they had concluded a six-month investigation into Schneiderman.

If you've been wondering when the Eric Schneiderman case was going to collide with the Trump investigation, then today is your day.

'Now, Schneiderman was a guest on my show, so this is a little complicated for me to talk about. Just kidding, it's not complicated: Fuck you, Eric Schneiderman!'

The Baldwin interview now stands as an unintentional exit interview in which Schneiderman's arrogance and seeming sense of invulnerability is on full display.

Four women have come forward, saying Schneiderman assaulted them, in NYC and Long Island.

'He started his career escorting women to Planned Parenthood to protect them from protesters.'

The State Legislature will meet to select a new Attorney General who will serve until November.

Trump signed an executive order halting cost-sharing reduction payments that intended to help low-income Americans get healthcare.

The AG's office wants anyone who was in attendance at the New York Pizza Festival to submit a complaint to the office with details about their experience.

NY Attorney General Eric Scheniderman said the DACA repeal was 'driven by President Trump's personal anti-Mexican bias.'