Eric ripert

His intoxicating tales of the intense, debauched life in NYC restaurant kitchens turned the chef into a global sensation.
Since Julia Child polished off her first glass of wine, boozing it up has been a crucial part of the television cooking show. And now that trend has found its place online.
Phew: Eric Ripert is relieved—Marilyn Hagerty loved Le Bernardin!
Since the tragedy in Japan left the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power
Not a real thing! But we do like that icon... April
As expected, the truth behind some of New York's fanciest restaurants
Last Friday night, chef Eric Ripert took a couple hours off
The word from Le Bernardin chef Eric Ripert’s people is that
Eric Ripert really is that cool. The four-star chef—a sometime Top
Delmonico's chef Charles Ranhofer, circa 1898, from Dining at Delmonico's. Here's our
A picture of chef David Waltuck’s restaurant was on the cover of
Earlier this year we talked to Robert Thurman (Uma's dad, and also
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