Eric holder

The Justice Department has filed a last-minute brief supporting a federal monitor for the NYPD, a move that the Daily News says is "sure to send daggers through 1 Police Plaza and City Hall."
Massachusetts has outlawed the death penalty, but these federal charges will allow prosecutors to seek it.
Yup, Mike Bloomberg was in the Science Club, the Technical Club, the Debating Club, was a Home Room Dues Agent and, of course, was the president of the Slide Rule Club. Wait, the what?
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has made his first public comments on the controversy surrounding the NYPD's surveillance program that targeted Muslims in New Jersey.
“Our law enforcement officers have a duty to protect our health and safety, but that duty must always be discharged with respect for the fundamental First Amendment rights to free expression and peaceful assembly."
Federal authorities say that stopped a plot from Iranian agents to kill the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. and bomb embassies in D.C.
Military prosecutors "have recommended that the trial be a capital case," agaist the 5 conspirators of the September 11 attacks.
Now that the Obama administration has decided to move the trial
Thank goodness President Obama restarted trials at Guantanamo Bay—because now Khalid
Hot on the heels of the December repeal of Don't Ask, Don't
Unsurprisingly, the fallout from the latest WikiLeaks continues. U.S. officials are
Looks like there won't be a terror trial in NYC—or a
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