Eric gonzalez

Pitts, a Crown Heights resident, joined the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez in 2018.
Prosecutorial conduct and police conduct were the most common factors in securing the bad convictions.
"These things are 6,000 pound missiles, and they destroy people's lives."
The former Brooklyn officer claimed a suspect nearly ran him and his partner over with a car, until video showed otherwise.
'The new law does not change the penal law, under which any part of the cannabis plant, regardless of THC level, is considered marijuana.'
The release comes after months of Gothamist/WNYC reporting on the secret lists.
A Brooklyn man who spent 26 years in prison on murder charges walked free on Thursday, just eighteen months ahead of his expected release.
Glenn Payne allegedly lacked a license to practice medicine or psychology in New York State, or anywhere else for that matter.
For many of my constituents, the courthouse is no longer a place of safety and justice. It’s a trap.
'They had sex with her, they took a bribe. They didn't take it in the form of rape.'
'It seems like no matter what you do in a car, you can kill anyone and it's considered an accident and you're not held accountable for your actions.'
DAs use these lists to alert their prosecutors to potential problems with police witnesses. A civil liberties attorney calls them a 'public scandal.'
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