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The shelter recently opened as the city struggles to accommodate tens of thousands of newcomers.

The mayor took issue with criticism that he acted too slowly and failed to communicate effectively.

The Senate and Assembly leaders issued a statement Thursday pointing fingers at the governor over failed housing talks.

Although the mayor told reporters he noticed the poor air quality conditions sometime on Tuesday, he did not hold a press briefing until Wednesday morning.

A nor'easter is helping funnel wildfire smoke from Ontario to Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states.

Estimates based on city and state data have ranged from nearly 90,000 to fewer than 40,000, but at a Council hearing on Tuesday, the city’s affordable housing agency submitted a new metric.

Adams said Tuesday he has been discussing the logistics of housing migrants in Gracie Mansion, the historic Upper East Side residence.

Lawmakers are racing against the clock to recognize both as holidays, though it’s unclear if they will apply statewide.

More than 97% of people the teams encountered in a random sample of stops were Black or HIspanic, federal monitors found.

The plan comes after months of talks with faith-based leaders.