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Last month, the EPA began drilling devices into the basements of north Brooklyn homes and businesses to determine contamination levels.

For community members living near the creek, who are affected daily by all of the industrial toxins released around it, the delay is unacceptable.

Dr. Cecilia Sorensen, director of Columbia University’s Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education, explains what the ruling could mean for conditions like asthma and lung cancer.

The pollutants, primarily chlorinated solvents and petrochemicals derived from carbon, were first discovered in 2005 by Exxon Mobil and the New York State Department of Transportation as part of a separate cleanup in Greenpoint.

After more than a century of toxic pollution, Brooklyn’s infamous Gowanus Canal is finally being cleaned up.

'We thank God that the filters work, but we are not in any way having a victory lap, ‘cause this not a victory for us,' Newark's mayor said after the governor's all-clear announcement.

'The sidewalk was cracked and is separating from the building so that it looks like an earthquake hit.'

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced Tuesday that he is suing the Trump administration's Environmental Protection Agency for dragging its feet on combatting dangerous smog pollution.

Trump has proposed a 31 percent budget cut to the EPA.