"Such textbook apologetics and excuses for crime hearken back to a different and far worse time for New York City, as does the nauseating stench of Cumbo's classic anti-Semitic stew."
A Crown Heights councilwoman wrote an open letter this week positing that these attacks are due to long-simmering tensions between Blacks and Jews in the neighborhood.
"But what will this peek inside the fancy domesticated life of Michael Diamond do to his hardcore B-Boy street cred, to say nothing of Brooklyn in general?" some obliviously wonder.
We've learned a few things sifting through YouTube videos of people (mostly children) tearing open their Christmas presents. Namely, our apartment sucks.
Gowanus artist Margaret Maugenest hasn't paid rent for the loft she lives and works in since 2003—and yesterday the Court of Appeals said her landlord can't evict her for it.
Photograph of a robot parade in Park Slope by Dave Surgan
Do New Yorkers have a love-hate relationship with their outdoor spaces? Believe
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