New Yorkers joined tens of thousands of protesters across the globe in support of Native Americans and environmentalists opposed to the North Dakota Access Pipeline.
President Obama will take a little breather from the numerous other crises facing the planet to present the U.S. plan for combating climate change at the U.N. Climate Summit.
Four ounces of cheese is worse for the environment than four ounces of pork, poultry or farmed salmon.
According to CUNY, 66 percent of the city's rooftops could be used to harness solar power, generating enough energy to fulfill half of the city's electricity needs at peak periods.
Pirates, buccaneers and Barbary Corsairs are invading Red Hook this summer, with the goal of making environmentalism fun.
Photograph by Atomische • Tom Giebel on Flickr You know it,
Last night, a number of buildings, including the Empire State Building, plus
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