Lawmakers approved a bill last Wednesday to hand management of the School of Conservation to a nonprofit run by the school’s longtime supporters.
Greenidge Generation, the natural gas-fueled facility, is supposed to close under the decision. But its owners plan to keep operating, as they fight for an appeal.
New details emerge on a $1.3-million pilot program that hopes to end the practice of dumping garbage and recycling bags onto sidewalks.
State officials and members of the Ramapough Lenape Nation hope a new environmental lawsuit will provide compensation for natural resources destroyed by a Ford Motor Co. dumping site.
New York’s natural gas provider says it is transitioning to “biogas” naturally released from landfills, wastewater or cow farms. But would the project reduce carbon emissions, or is it full of manure?
New Jersey health officials are investigating a cluster of rare brain tumors after all the cases were revealed to share a potential link to a high school in Middlesex County.
Two Cornell University researchers showed Monday that much of the review could be conducted in less than a week with free online tools.
April 22nd marks the start International Dark Sky Week, a reminder that light pollution has impacts on human health, animals, plants and climate change.
More than 100 health professionals sent Gov. Phil Murphy a letter urging him to reject the project’s permits.
The annual State of the Air report once again gave failing grades to ozone levels in Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx and Suffolk County. But Staten Island managed to improve to a D.
The New York City Comptroller’s office has released a climate dashboard to help residents and decision-makers track the metro area’s progress on global warming mitigation efforts and extreme weather preparedness.
Most of these historic fruits were once plentiful on the city’s grassy knolls and hills. But they’ve since been mostly lost to climate change and mass agriculture.
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