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Holtec International announced the delay after outcry from local and federal leaders.

Holtec International, the company decommissioning the Indian Point Energy Center, plans to discharge about 1 million gallons of radioactive water in the Hudson River as early as August.

The project is considered a win for climate resiliency, but one energy researcher described it as a "missed opportunity" for the public.

Tenants say they are terrified of being "guinea pigs," but experts say the equipment is safer than e-bikes.

It’s been nearly six months since the moratorium, aimed at protecting the environment, passed the state legislature.

Ravenswood Generating Station is a central piece of the city's energy supply — primarily by burning natural gas and fuel oil. Gothamist toured the facility to learn about its new plan to go green.

Residents say they’ve been waiting 10 years – since Superstorm Sandy – for city officials to develop climate resiliency and emergency responses.

Department of Environmental Conservation wants the Public Service Commission to rule on whether the expansion would truly make the energy supply more reliable.

Two Cornell University researchers showed Monday that much of the review could be conducted in less than a week with free online tools.

The state’s Department of Environmental Conservation announced this week it will yet again delay its decision on the Finger Lakes power plant that runs a profitable bitcoin mining operation.