Residents say they’ve been waiting 10 years – since Superstorm Sandy – for city officials to develop climate resiliency and emergency responses.
Department of Environmental Conservation wants the Public Service Commission to rule on whether the expansion would truly make the energy supply more reliable.
Two Cornell University researchers showed Monday that much of the review could be conducted in less than a week with free online tools.
The state’s Department of Environmental Conservation announced this week it will yet again delay its decision on the Finger Lakes power plant that runs a profitable bitcoin mining operation.
Switching away from Con Edison may not be your best option.
Since spring 2020, the Greenidge Generation natural gas plant in Dresden has powered a 24-7 bitcoin mining operation that is endangering the region environmentally, according to some residents.
Some city residents have seen their Con Ed bill double or even triple as compared to the previous month.
A new study examines the nation’s aging energy infrastructure and how climate change will impact power generation. For the Northeast, flooding is a serious concern because plants are located near water.
Despite their complaints about Murphy, environmentalists say his Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli would be worse. But they’re still calling on the incumbent to stop the expansion of natural gas.
Some environmentalists celebrated the closure due to the energy plant’s proximity to New York City, but it has sinister immediate implications for the state’s climate goals.
Fifteen years ago today, at about 4:10 p.m., New York City was suddenly powerless
Along with legal officials from nine other states, Schneiderman is suing the Trump administration for delaying environmental standards that would reduce pollution and save billions of dollars over the next 30 years.
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