"It will be especially gratifying to have a woman as commander-in-chief after such a sickeningly sexist and racist campaign."
They called Trump "the worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history."
"We want to live in a nation that allows all people to live a decent life, no matter what is in their parents' bank account."
'Yes, we knew Christie was a bully. But we didn’t know his crew was crazy enough to put people’s lives at risk in Fort Lee as a means to pressure the mayor.'
"A de Blasio mayoralty would be an express train right back to the bad old days of the 1970s."
It *is* an endorsement of Spitzer's sleaziness though!
Subtext: Spitzer sucks!
Michael Bloomberg has made his endorsement for president.
Bloomberg may or may not decide to endorse a presidential candidate.
Also, here's video of Lin and Landry Fields explaining their handshake.
According to numerous reports, combover raconteur and enormous balled shepherd Donald Trump will announce who he is endorsing for president today in Las Vegas, two days before the Nevada caucuses.
At least he's still got this lady's endorsement! Carl Paladino should
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