End of an era

The soulless LED displays will now announce arrivals and departures at the historic terminal.
It's your last chance to dance to The Smiths with a bunch of kindred spirits.
The show will presumably stay on the air with a new host.
Lenox Lounge's owner says, "I have to be out by [December 31th]. Anything that I leave behind will become the property of landlord or the new owner..." except for the name.
Spin magazine was sold off to Buzzmedia, and the company plans to focus on digital growth.
June 15th will be the last day Sue Simmons will be broadcasting on Channel 4 next to Chuck Scarborough... end of an era!
It's the end of an era: Channel 4 has let Sue Simmons go, leaving Chuck all alone...
It's the end of an era...
We knew it was coming, but it's still a little bid sad. What went wrong?
The Atlantis returned to earth today, ending the era of the space shuttle. Click through for five moments in the program's history.
It's last call for bagels at H&H, where workers face an uncertain future and even NYC's deputy mayor is lining up for a taste.
Peter Hoffman with shad at Savoy Yesterday afternoon, chef and owner
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