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EMS union leaders say turnover within the agency, due to a combination of stress and inadequate pay, contributes to a loss of expertise and periodic understaffing.

Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro is bracing for shortages by canceling vacations and reassigning uniformed employees who typically work desk jobs back into the field.

EMT Eric Stone, 22, could face disciplinary action for his goofy and reckless shenanigans.

"A patrol supervisor heard sounds from the woman that made it seem as if she were still alive."

There have been some recent issues with certain firefighters' and EMTs' use of social media, and now the collective sculpted abs of the FDNY are under selfie duress.

EMS workers are forced to wait with corpses until the NYPD shows up. The trouble is, that can take hours.

The city's EMTs are having the Worst Month Ever.

A video of a rat rolling along like a child rolling down a hill at recess might be a whimsical escape from the banality of life, if the rat weren't in all likelihood very ill.

In a startling coincidence with the unofficial beginning of summer and the