Amid the spike in calls over fevers and coughs, 30% of the city’s emergency medical services staff were out sick as of Wednesday.
Comprehensive data is also unavailable on response times despite a law stating that the city needs to share these numbers with the public on a regular basis.
Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro is bracing for shortages by canceling vacations and reassigning uniformed employees who typically work desk jobs back into the field.
The city’s tentative agreement will raise wages for more than 4,500 FDNY employees.
The man fell down a sidewalk hole nearly 15 feet.
Paramedics and EMTs are coping with an approximate 50 percent increase in emergency medical calls, plus a rise in coronavirus cases among their own ranks, putting pressure on a workforce already stretched thin.
JoAnn Restko died over the weekend while hiking in the Adirondacks.
A preliminary investigation has now found that there was a seven minute delay in sending out an ambulance, and that two employees "were not in their assigned positions just prior to this incident."
There was an eight-minute delay in dispatching an ambulance.
The former FDNY EMS lieutenant is being sued by the obese Brooklyn woman whose photo he tweeted (see above) along with the caption “Wide Load.”
EMS operators reverted to pen and paper to take calls for around 30 minutes this morning.
The bereft mother told the Daily News, "It took too long for them to get there. No other child should die because it takes too long. The ambulance system has to be fixed for the children of New York."
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