Empire state building

Hine’s iconic photograph captures a young ironworker (he referred to them affectionately as “Sky Boys”) working high above Midtown.
There were also performances from Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Sting, a group of Broadway stars and more.
The Eighth Wonder Of The World has finally made his way back to New York City, where he is one of the centerpieces of a new ESB museum commemorating the history of the building.
'If you get a chance, you should check out the exhibit on the 80th floor.'
Helicopters were spotted hovering around the ESB, as lights rapidly flashed and cycled through various colors.
Nothing's more attractive to a corporate behemoth than the sweet smell of desperation.
The landmark will have the light show every night through Christmas.
The Empire State Building's management company want to ban an xtreme teen from the building after he was caught scouting the building for a BASE jump attempt.
It gets struck around 23 times a year, and Monday night a lightning bolt hitting the building was caught on video.
Flying drones is illegal in NYC, end of story.
Drones, amirite?
The most vertigo-inducing spot in the city.
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