Emperors club vip

After going to prison for operating the escort service Emperors Club VIP, which counted disgraced ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer as a client, the husband and wife team behind the club is branching out into EMPOWERMENT.
To everyone's prurient delight, a lawyer for the woman who booked
Mark Brener, the 63-year-old whose Emperors Club VIP prostitution ring helped
The 24-year-old woman who helped manage the escort ring that former
A woman who worked as a part-time booker for the Emperors Club
A woman who worked part-time for the high class escort service used
The 23-year-old woman who helped run the prostitution ring that counted former
Tameka Rachelle Lewis, a University of Virginia graduate now immortalized as the
Uh oh, Joe Francis! The lawyer for Governor Spitzer's call girl says
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