Emma sulkowicz

The student, who was also accused of sexually assaulting two other women, claimed the university discriminated against him.
His lawsuit also argues that "Columbia's practices and policies perpetuate the stereotype of the sex-driven male" by assuming that most rapists are male.
Nungesser was alleging that the school had violated his Title IX rights.
Paul Nungesser, the man who allegedly raped recent Columbia graduate and tough-as-nails mattress carrier Emma Sulkowicz, has accused the university of failing to protect him from Sulkowicz's “gender based anti-male discriminatory harassment campaign.
It's not directly related to her mattress project.
Even if Johnson isn't involved in this current "Fake Rape" postering, this couldn't have happened to a nicer person (who allegedly can't control his sphincter).
"Our memory... will always be tainted by Columbia's wrongdoing."
But they don't even have the correct spelling of her name.
She got a huge round of applause from her classmates.
'I guess they don’t really know anything about how a survivor would feel, to get totally made fun of in front of the entire school.'
Paul Nungesser accuses Columbia of bias.
One accuser started carrying a mattress to all of her classes to protest Paul Nungesser's presence.
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