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Politicians have set aside $1.25 million to buy it. It's not clear what they'll do if the developers won't sell.

But the owner reportedly wants five times that amount.

To speed things along, the city would be slapped with a $1 million fine for every subsequent year sans-park.

A gleaming new market rate tower and school is set to preside over the space at 664 Pacific Street, the sixth residential building to rise in the great Barclays Center takeover of that area.

The drastic move would secure the plot's status as a green space.

The Army Corps of Engineers is expected to start construction on the coastal dunes come early 2014, and the towns say homeowners who refuse to give up their land are fighting a losing battle

While NY's highest court upheld Columbia University's Manhattanville expansion, two property

One of Columbia's photographs of blighted Manhattanville NY's highest court, the

An example of how "Air Rights" work Bruce Ratner must have