West Village residents have no idea what's about to hit them.
The proprietors of Emily in Clinton Hill are expanding their pizza prowess with a brand-new Williamsburg outpost serving pillowy, Detroit-style pies that are little squares of heaven.
They'll be making Detroit-style square pies along with with Paulie Gee's alum Lou Tomczak in a space on Grand and Marcy.
Clinton Hill's Emily will be serving pan pizzas plus corner pizzeria staples like chicken parm and mozzarella sticks.
It may also be the city's messiest!
This city has the only pizza worth eating. Here's where to get it.
A once-a-month pop-up is introducing New Yorkers to an unsung style.
This spectacular banana crème pudding features Nilla wafers.
New casual pizzeria Emily is turning out wood-fired pizzas and pastas made extra special with the addition of homemade mozzarella.
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