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The employee allegedly binge-watched 'astounding hours of TV shows on Netflix' on company time—including 55 episodes of 'Friends' in a four-day period.

Avenatti was charged with one count of extortion and three counts of conspiracy for multiple crimes in New York and California.

The former executive allegedly hid his tracks by depositing CUNY money into bank accounts he opened and that looked similar to official CUNY accounts.

The attacker worked with two others who stole $750,000 from a health non-profit in Queens.

The operator of a Bronx-based non-profit, billed as offering "cancer screenings to indigent New Yorkers," pleaded guilty yesterday to embezzling more than $360,000 in government funds.

We knew that tutors in New York City can make a lot of cash but this is just silly.

Son Pedro G. will also be pleading guilty!