'The very last thing we want is for SantaCon NYC to turn into the sleighshow that happens in Hoboken each year.' that a threat?
'I just don't think it's a revelation, I think it's been covered many, many times over.'
Do you seem rude if you don't use exclamation points in emails?!
EMAILS are back, with the Justice Department investigating if the FBI acted properly during its investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server.
The emails show a very close relationship between City Hall and a lobbyist.
America's seemingly never ending emails nightmare is over once more.
Senate minority leader Harry Reid has accused the FBI director of violating federal law and meddling in the election.
"It seems Anthony Weiner is forcing the nation to re-litigate the entire email controversy and putting Hillary Clinton's chances of winning the presidency in serious danger...Carlos Danger."
Day Three of America's Renewed Email Nightmare has brought the knives out for James Comey and Anthony Weiner.
The FBI maybe found classified emails belonging to Huma Abedin on one of Anthony Weiner's computers. They're not sure though. No one knows. Do you know?
The emails humanize these Important People (surprise: most emails are not Important!) and says Interesting Things about the mistaken ephemerality and intimacy of this medium and oh yeah, we get to read private emails.
Would it shock you to learn that another person thinks that the Upper East Side interior designer being sued for forcing his nanny into indentured servitude is a deceitful and pretentious rich snob?
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