The department has been ignoring this requirement since it was created in 2006.
It's strange to think that email as a form of non-professional communication could go the way of the handwritten letter.
When Cuomo said he was going to clean up Albany, he meant the email inboxes!
You can't afford an email address.
Outraged students and faculty have started a petition calling on the trustee to withdraw the requests.
"Fordham accidentally did the same thing that NYU did, by including a university-wide 'all-student' email address in the CC section of a message, instead of the BCC Section," Fordham student Nicholas Espinoza told us
Maybe you should encrypt your plans to smuggle 35 pounds of smack into the States?
A list of proposed amendments to a new internet privacy bill would allow over 22 government agencies to view our emails, Google Docs, Facebook walls and direct messages on Twitter without a warrant.
An old email has surfaced between Clash and his accuser, but the Elmo voice actor maintains he did not have sex with the young man until he was of legal age.
The urge to check Twitter and email can be harder to resist than the lure of drugs and alcohol, according to a new study.
When you're a billionaire, apparently you use email to request money transfers.
Is Yahoo blocking emails with links to the Occupy Wall Street website? Or are you just a paranoid hippie?
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