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It's been 10 years since singer/songwriter Elliott Smith died, and Glasslands is marking the occasion with a tribute show to him featuring Cat Power, DIIV, Sky Ferreira, and more.

She somehow turned a song about alcohol and heartache into a performance art piece about the prison industrial complex. And appropriately, Lindsay Lohan was there!

Magnetic Fields Attract Crowds to Town Hall No "Lost" spoilers in this

Damien DeRose, aka Peasant, tip-toed into our playlist last year just before

We interviewed co-owner of Luna Lounge Rob Sacher in 2004, and he

Sweet-voiced singer/songwriter and longtime Boston-based busker Mary Lou Lord has been playing

It looks like the MTA is doing what matters: The NY Post

1994 was a big year for music. Green Day broke into the

For a while now Music For America has been providing us