The vast majority of New York and New Jersey immigrants who are arrested by ICE end up in publicly-run county jails in overwhelmingly Democratic Essex, Hudson and Bergen counties.
"That was enough mass hysteria for me."
"He was my friend—I wouldn't think he would do something like that."
The photograph of Rahami was released by the FBI and NYPD at 7:30 a.m.
He apparently had road rage over a minor crash when a second motorist ran him down.
One person is still unaccounted for.
Three people are in custody.
Four men have been arrested, but one suspect remains at large.
"No one deserves to die this way, and an innocent woman who led a good life deserved better than this. This woman was killed for loose change."
The mayor of Elizabeth believes the fire, which started in the sub-sub-basement, was arson.
The fire is apparently in the sub-sub-basement.
To support fellow longshoremen on strike in Camden, NJ, port workers
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