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According to a "smoking gun email" obtained by the Post, Manning worked with Giants managers to bilk collectors into buying gear that they were told was worn during NFL games but was actually not.

One diehard Giants fan dealt with the crushing blow as any reasonable adult might: by burning his Eli Manning jersey and shouting to the heavens.

When the highlight of a game is your fumble-prone running back doing a backflip to celebrate a touchdown that is immediately taken away because of a holding penalty, you know things are seriously bad.

Four months after stunning football watchers everywhere with their unexpected victory in Super Bowl XLVI, the New York Giants resumed their victory lap with the customary White House visit awarded to NFL champions.

Besides Eli, Sacha Baron Cohen, Martin Scorsese and the tanorexic mom showed up!

For Tebow, living in New Jersey will be something of a spiritual homecoming: as we learned last month, he appears to be the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of a man from Hackensack.

Executive producer Lorne Michaels told the Times that he has offered Romney the hosting gig on SNL, and Romney is considering it. Because Romney has such a deft hand with comedy.

While super high-end restaurants like Per Se and Masa wouldn't budge, The Lion and Nobu were happy to accommodate them.

Here are some things Manning can do to make himself a lock for the Hall: win another Super Bowl, get a regular season MVP, and get over 40k passing yards. And don't pull a Plaxico.

It seems that the quarterback was cheating on his team with... Disney characters.