Eleven madison park

A new functional art piece was created with equipment and utensils from the restaurant's former kitchen.
They'll mainly be offering salads and the power bowls that show no sign of slowing.
In the interim, they'll be running EMP Summer House, a spinoff, in the Hamptons.
Unlike a meal at their schmancy tasting menu spot—which hovers just below $300 per person these days—the new eatery will offer meals in the $10 to $15 range.
Eleven Madison Park will ditch the tips starting next year.
LinkedIn shows that a certain super-fancy restaurant is likely home to chants of, "We are the one percent."
The new East Village eatery subtly infuses Asian flavors into dishes like Corn with kaffir lime and pork with spicy peanut noodles.
Proof that bad photography can make a $500 dinner look like crap.
There are some gastronomic gems in NYC that should still be experienced, even if it's a once-in-a-lifetime event. Here are our favorites.
Fancy people wearing fancy things!
The LES museum will host two more events in their Culinary Conversations series, including one focusing on urban agriculture and one with Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone of Torrisi-fame.
The Coney Island pizzeria has had trouble getting back on its feet since Sandy, so a few San Francisco chefs are to helping out.
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