Happy (belated) National Elevator And Escalator Safety Awareness Week!
To reach the platform at Clark Street, riders have no choice but to take one of three very old elevators (followed by one flight of stairs).
Riders say they were trapped for upwards of 80 (!) minutes on an an 'unbearably hot' elevator at the 72nd St. Q train station, beginning at 9 a.m.
Elected officials are pressing the MTA for details on elevator repair plans at Brooklyn's Clark Street station.
2 and 3 trains will be bypassing Clark Street in Brooklyn until the elevators are fixed.
An elevator repairman had his arm ripped off in a freak elevator accident in a Manhattan building this morning.
"We live in a 26-story building where people have become hostages in their own homes."
"It could've been any of us."
A 30-year-old woman had the impressive presence of mind to snap a photo of a man who sexually assaulted her in a Queens elevator last Thursday.
Two separate elevator incidents left one man dead and two others injured in Queens and Manhattan yesterday.
We put together the interactive chart below based on last year's MTA reports to show you people get stuck in elevators most.
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