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The new entrance features a 15-foot wide stairway and elevator with access to the shuttle to Grand Central Terminal.

Happy (belated) National Elevator And Escalator Safety Awareness Week!

The elevator, which was out of service at the time, fell on one mechanic, and also injured a second mechanic, the Department of Buildings said.

'I think it's totally unacceptable anyone can be killed in an elevator in NYC in 2019. This is a completely preventable task.'

An FDNY spokesperson said that the man was 'caught between the car and the shaft.'

'Suddenly a WAVE of what appeared to be (and smelled like) sewage came gushing out of the elevator shaft, splashing some poor tourist family in the process.'

'She says she has no intention to sue her boss...She says they treat her very good.'

A woman was rescued today after she got trapped in the elevator of an Upper East Side townhouse since Friday.