Eddie Antar—better known as "Crazy Eddie," the founder of the now-bankrupt electronics chain known for their hyperactive TV commercials—has died. He was 68.
Relive the history of New York City's first Electronic District.
Watch some of the NYPD's warning videos!
"I’m absolutely thrilled that the NYT is doing this reporting. It’s what I’ve been hoping for—that journalists would dig in and pull this story out by its roots."
A man's iPhone 4 (not the schmancier 4s) began "emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow" on an Australian flight last Friday.
J & R, the Financial District electronics giant that's been open since 1971, wants the city to co-name the street it's on to help the struggling business.
michael tapp's flickr The giant B&H Photo-Video emporium on 9th Avenue
[UPDATE BELOW] After thieves stole computers, electronics and an aquarium (with
Last Thursday night, a fake UPS deliveryman bound a nanny and
Since Best Buy is constantly looking to build on its existing
A new city ordinance is set to take effect on July
A Brooklyn entrepreneur has purchased the trademark for Crazy Eddie, a
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