Republicans are tailoring their entire campaign platform on an increase in major crime.
The New York City Board of Elections, which is usually represented by the City Law Department, wants its own counsel.
By joining a party, a registered New York voter can secure access to the June primary elections.
“I wanted to find out whether or not this was based on actual evidence," state Senator Zellnor Myrie said.
During a Tuesday hearing, elections officials cited “burdens” of reforms, as lawmakers eye more changes.
“There is no place in America that better symbolizes what our country stands for than its most diverse county."
A coalition of Democratic candidates seeking to run in the upcoming June primary are urging Gov Cuomo and lawmakers to suspend the requirement that they must collect signatures in order to appear on the ballot.
The lawsuit argues New Jersey’s ballot design is unconstitutional.
Assemblymember Latrice Walker said AVR put the state on the right side of history, “by acknowledging years of voter suppression."
Check out the latest results for the presidential race, local congressional races, and more.
"It's worth it. We have to do it."
"I've been waiting since 2016 to vote in the next election."
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