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Nearly two-thirds of active voters in New York City declined to cast ballots in this month’s gubernatorial election.

The latest episode of the “The People’s Guide to Power” looked at the results of the general election and its impact on New York and the U.S.

Progressive-minded Democrats are gauging interest in replacing NY Democratic Chair Jay Jacobs, but Gov. Hochul still supports him.

Jones said the redistricting process led to Democrats losing their seats and he blamed former Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, among others.

On this week’s final episode of The People’s Guide to Power, we unpack the election results with Kai Wright of Notes from America, political scientist Dr. Christina Greer and your calls.

Data shows that Orthodox Jewish voters were swayed to vote for the Republican candidate as yeshiva school face more oversight.

The mayor said the gains made by Republicans in this year’s election should prompt a “wake-up call” to Democrats.

The missing ballots are from Mercer County, where voting machine scanners didn't work on Election Day.

"We are not suspicious of any specific wrongdoing, but we do need to investigate the matter fully."

His statement comes one day after a trio of ballot questions addressing equity won voters’ support.