Election 2018

'The experts tell me that it’s the perforation that’s the problem,' NYC Board of Elections Executive Director Michael Ryan says.
The extra ballot scanners were not deployed "because we didn't have room for them in the poll sites."
De Blasio is thrilled; Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer is less jazzed.
There are widespread reports of malfunctioning ballot scanners across NYC, resulting in long lines to vote at some poll sites.
Despite the increase in registrations, voter turnout levels have been decreasing for decades, especially in mayoral and gubernatorial races.
The stakes are incredibly high, but for anyone living in New York City, this Election Day is particularly important: it may well determine the fate of housing as we know it.
Democrats are one seat shy of a majority in the State Senate, and could recoup the House of Representatives.
Rep. Dan Donovan being interviewed outside a ShopRite (Frank G. Runyeon
State Senator Tony Avella’s chances of winning are exceedingly slim, though not impossible.
County committees set the rules for political parties, elect leadership and determine the local party's budget. They also choose which candidates to run in a special election. So how can you get involved?
Politics can change you. You become a public figure. People project their wishes and dreams upon you, and if you are not careful, you will grow drunk on your own hype.
While Nixon did well in parts of the city like North Brooklyn, those votes were not nearly enough to oust the incumbent governor.
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